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Rusty Window Frame


Matt Natural Paint (Chalk- type paint)

Matt Natural Paint is a clean, natural, water-based and environmentally friendly paint specially formulated to give the authentic matte and chalky surface that used to be common for furniture.


The paint adheres to almost any surface (wood, metal, glass, plastic, fabric and many more) without special preparation and offers good coverage.

It can be used on furniture, accessories or other objects, walls, floors, tiles; the lost is long.  Use it to create your favorite style and different decorative effects.

The paint is odorless and dries very quickly. Due to its special binding agent, the paint is flexible and very wear-resistant and therefore also very suitable for floors and stairs.


Normally, sanding is not necessary if the surface is clean and the older paint layers do not peel off.


Vintage Paint carries the Ecolabel and is therefore clean and it is a modern produced kind of paint with respect for the environment. Vintage Paint has the NEN 71-3 quality mark for responsible processing on children's toys/ furniture.


Matt Natural Vintage Paint can be used both indoors and outdoors on: walls, floors and stairs, furniture and various objects. To make the paint dirt and water repellent, finish it with any of our natural waxes or varnish.


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Colour Accuracy Disclaimer
Whilst we’ve taken every effort to craft the colours you see on screen to accurately reflect the colours in the Dixie Belle Paint collection. Due to differences in screen settings, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

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