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Paint and Brush


Every detail matters - our selection of brushes is special and includes brushes that are made to last for years, if properly taken care of (hence the special cleaning materials for brushes included here)!


The brush is more important than you might think! With a good brush you save money because you use less paint and the painting process is faster, lighter and more fun. As a general rule, good brushes allow you to spread the paint much finer and achieve better coverage and ultimately use less paint - the brush will pay for itself!

Our professional brushes from Vintage Paint have sharp needle-shaped fibers and are ready to use (when brushes with real hair need to be soaked in water for 24 hours). 


With the exception of the natural bristle brushes, the remaining of our brushes are


With non-natural brushes, the fibers in the bristles of the brushes in our collection are much more pointed than the hairs of animal-bristle brushes.

These vegan brushes are also easy and quick to clean because the fibers are smooth and you can easily rinse off the paint.


Our collection of professional brushes comes in many shapes and sizes, from stippling to painting brushes.


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