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Wooden Frame Window


Chalk synthesis paint (CSP) 

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is Zero VOC and nontoxic. This acrylic blend mineral paint's consistency is similar to the oldest chalk paint ever invented, however the clay component can tend to provide a silkier feel. CSP is a water based product so clean up is a breeze! Water and possibly a little bit of soap will serve you just fine.


Dry time is quick! Ideal conditions will give you around a 30 minute dry time but remember that is not the same as “cure time”. 

Something WE LOVE about Wise Owls CSP is its blend-ability. If you are looking for a paint that you can use for artistic finishes, this is a great one; when blending, layering, and color washing CSP is rather magical: 

It is a smooth easy to use clay-based mineral paint that is incredibly easy to use, with unbelievable adhesion and rich color pigmentation.

CSP makes painting furniture simple and easy; it’s also perfect for creative blended, layered, or distressed finishes.


Be sure to seal your painted furniture with (ideally) any of Wise Owl's finishing products to protect your paint so it stands the test of time.


To take your furniture painting to the next level, try it with one of our decadent Glazes.


Available in Half Pints, Pints, Quarts and Gallons by special order.

A pint (473ml by volume) covers approximately 7.5sq meters.


CSP is light on fillers and full of super pigmented coloration. What does that mean to you as a user? Well, it's good news: a little will tend to go a long way. When you factor in the cost comparison as well as the coverage, you will generally find Wise Owl is among the best bang for your buck!


Colour Accuracy Disclaimer
Always remember the Color Charts you see online are going to be inaccurate to some degree. Depending on your digital screen, the color can and may vary vastly

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