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Our Furniture Salve by Wise Owl is often called “magic in a tin can” and for good reason! 

It is hugely popular around the globe and loved by so many professionals in the field.

The much celebrated all-natural Furniture Salve is hemp oil and wax-based without nasty fillers or solvents.

With Wise Owl's Salve you can revive, rejuvenate, and protect/seal all in one easy, safe step!

Furniture Salve has endless applications, that are not limited to the use on furniture, and is available in a variety of scents, including unscented. 

You can use over raw or stained wood, seal Chalk Synthesis Paint with it, renew leather, polish furniture, and all of your stainless-steel appliances (don’t forget your kitchen sink!), clear up foggy headlights, on your nails and hands and even shine up old vinyl in cars.

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