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Never before had you have the chance to come across the concept of ReStyling & RePurposing a piece of furniture, your walls, decor items and so many more?

If you are intrigued with the idea, click the link below to learn more about it! 

Mirror and Flowers

Why us?







01/ QUALITY: We offer the perfect variety of high-quality DIY materials, hence the addition of the word "luxury". With a large range of options that offer durability, we ensure that, in combination to using them correctly, as per instructions, you can enjoy your upcycling & restyling projects for years to come. In addition, we are committed to not just offering quality, but also to offer eco-friendly options, like Vintage Paint, offering you the option to make an environmentally conscious choice. Use our products to experience the difference that premium quality can make in your projects.

02/ SERVICEYour purchases will be carefully packaged and couriered to you swiftly and safely. Not limited to packaging and delivery, we are a phone call/ message/ email away for any assistance in regards to placing an order, help with an existing order or placing a special, to pre-order, etc. 

03/ CONSULTATIONWe take the role of your personal consultant who is always ready to provide guidance, information & any sort of advice you may need with choosing the right products and colours, as well as guidance with techniques, suggestions on what could take your project to the next level and anything else you may need. Your personal consultant is a huge advantage to DIY projects and will always greed you with a smile.

A Whole New Collection

Liquid Bubbles



Introducing our latest addition to Noah's ReStyled - the Amazing Casting Resin! This innovative product allows you to create stunning and unique resin crafts. With its easy-to-use formula and quick drying time, you can bring your creative ideas to life in no time.

Our favourite product to use with our decor moulds to cast anything! Dries in seconds, transitions from opaque to clear when curing (no more doubts if you can or cannot uncast the mould), super easy to glue on any surface and it is easily painted/ waxed on or for your projects. 

Whether you're a professional artist or a DIY enthusiast, the Amazing Casting Resin is perfect for all your crafting needs. 


Work Space


It’s time to fall back in love with your HOME with our exciting range of luxury diy, from furniture paints, transfers to a vast selection of brushes and accessories, all of well-established brands originating from Europe, USA & Australia.


With hundreds of colours and tools to choose from across our range , you’re sure to find the perfect  item, shade or accessory that will spectacularly transform your home.


Whether you’re looking to recylcle an old piece to add a fresh flare to any room or you want to create or restyle a piece to a fresh look, you are at the right place.


For redeisgn artists, whether a beginner or a professional furniture artist, we have the products you need, creativity and technical expertise to help you every step of the way with your next restyling project.

We offer free standard delivery on all orders over €100. 


the ultimate paper for your projects

Decoupage Decor Paper is one of our favorite ways to add a unique touch to any piece of furniture or other project.

If you haven't heard of it before, decoupage involves sticking paper cut outs onto a surface and covering with a clear finish. The result is a gorgeous and personalized piece of furniture (or as a matter of fact any project such as vases, frames and more) that is not just functional but it is also extremely beautiful and unique.

We carry the best,
on a worldwide level, brands!

Large selection onatural paints,
decoupage and
d materials



-Noah's ReStyled-
Our Brands

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Wooden Antique Cupboard

Transfers: the magic tranformation secret

Oh! Decor transfers... A medium that is easy to apply with just following some very simple instructions. They can be applied to painted or raw surfaces and instantly beautify any dull object or just add that extra touch and transform it from beautiful to extraordinary. 

We carry a variety of decor transfers for all tastes. 

All of our transfers are branded, made of high quality heat resistant and food safe silicone and they have nothing to do with cheap, bad quality, unbranded replicas found on the market.

Beautiful hand made mini chest of drawers decoupaged in a blue floral design and gilded wi
Black bottle in decoupage technique.jpg

The importance of quality

It's all in the details!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is at least one thing that everyone aims for: durability!

It is almost impossible to achieve it without a couple of important ingredients, which include

(a) thorough work according to guidelines by the experts in the field and

(b) products of good QUALITY 

The former can, in cases, be overcome by talent, but the latter will always give you regrets, sooner or later,

if not up to the standard. 

  • A PREMIUM quality brush is more expensive than the one from you local DIY shop but it will give you the smooth result you are looking for, plus you are more likely to waste significantly less product using it & with proper care it can last for years to come. 

  • A good paint will cost more but you will definitely require less quantity than the equivalent cheap, off-the-shelve one.

  • Health wise? It is definitely less harmful (if at all!) inhaling natural or mostly natural paint and its beauty will last (never able to stress this our enough: as long as you prepped your piece alright, that is).*

Never forget, in our field, quality always ends up cheaper than anything that has a cheap price tag but so many hidden costs behind it!

Always AIM FOR PREMIUM QUALITY products; you'll never live to regret it.

*(The few of our products that are highly chemical, such as the paint stripper, it is clearly stated so in the description.) 

Paints and Brush

Virtual Shopping Appointments

Book your virtual shopping appointment with our team and let us show you our extensive range of  paints and accessories from our store from the comfort of your couch and help to answer your questions.

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