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Functionality You Will Love


Eco-Friendly Choices

We would not be who we are without our environmental concerns and the search for eco-friendly choices, starting from the products themselves all the way to their packaging. We constantly work to add more eco-friendly offerings and improve in that way. 



Our customers deserve the highest level of products, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards by choosing to add to our various collections brands and products that match the criteria. When you choose to make a purchase from us, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Quality is at the heart of everything that we represent.



Cost & quality in the same sentence usually means "expensive". We wouldn't label us as such. We offer amazing quality, fairly priced. From personal experience, every time we opted for a cheap option when buying something, we undoubtedly compromised on quality, which in the end, we ended up spending more overall. 


Emphasis on variety

We recognise the many different styles that exist, the many different tastes and audience and we guarantee you that there is something for everyone, among our picks. We keep adding stuff to our collections, brands and the variety of products and their use, always keeping in mind that these should tick all the boxes. 


Lifestyle is defined as the way in which a person lives

To us living is not a simple act of repeating a dull routine; it is rather the art of adding little luxuries to our routine which will make the moments and the living more notable and enjoyable. Lifestyle, in its true essence, is a series of lovely, heart-warming feelings resulted by adding little treasures along the way of the sweet journey called life, and making it even more beautiful.

A candle that burns and all its aroma spreads around you while you experience precious moments with family or friends or enjoying some well-deserved "me-time". 

A piece of jewelry that you gifted your friend on their birthday and keep seeing them wearing it again and again, and again, & the warm feeling of happiness that fills your heart as a result.

A simple baseball cap that's fun and unusual and a bit out of the ordinary and makes you feel more confident by just putting it on.

The hand soap that is special because no animal was harmed in making it and, not only that, but every single time you wash your hands, the message on the label puts a smile on your face and you find it hard to resist the scent and you pump a little of the hand lotion on, too. Why do you keep finding excuses to wash your hands, you wonder...

We could go on and we will as we expand our collection and we give you more lifestyle choices; ones that we love to be part of us and make our day-to-day life more memorable by associating  moments, days and experiences with a specific smell, a feeling, a shared moment, a gift..

Orange Clouds

indulge into beauty

Indulge into the lifestyle choices of Noah and enjoy the uniqueness, quality of every product; each one was carefully selected for its quality & beauty!

All our brands fall in either of the two categories:

- international well established brands that you would usually find in high-end stores or boutiques

- products from newly established brands and small businesses, that concentrate on the finest of materials, environmentally friendly collections/ products, design and uniqueness



Home fragrances


From home scents to hand soaps & lotions


Baseball caps & beanies for the modern human


Car perfumes, perfumed keyrings & more COMING SOON


Handcrafted state-of-the-art exquisite candles COMING SOON


Natural bar soaps in a liquid form & more COMING SOON

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