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Don't let the word 'basic' fool you!

This brush is totally amazing, featuring soft, synthetic bristles that slide effortlessly on the surface, spreading the colour easily. It can also be used for wax - but don't use the same brush for wax and colour.

To get a notch more professional, try the Professional Round Brush by Vintage Paint, which has needle-like bristles that get thinner on top and make your work effortless.

Whichever you choose, your result will be smooth and professional. 

This brush measures 3.5cm in diameter.

VP Basic Round Brush, 3.5cm

SKU: 700389
  • Brand:

    VIntage Paint


    Vegan - Cruelty Free. Vintage Paint brushes do not contain animal products. They are ecological, made with synthetic bristles and wooden handles.


    The brushes of the professional series have extremely thin and flexible synthetic hair that thins upwards for amazing precision

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