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An elegant, faded plum colour with grey untertones. 

Work it with different colours of wax and this colour transforms beautifully into different versions of itself.

Delightful Plum

PriceFrom €8,90
  • Brand:

    VIntage Paint


    All paints by Vintage Paint are odorless, dries very fast and is safe to use even on children's furniture. 

    They carry the European EcoLable & EN-71-3. Vintage Paint paints are produced with respect for the environment and with safe, natural materials that have a low carbon footprint. This means that using our colors does not harm the environment or our health.

    They can be used on almost all surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, fabrics and more.

    No need to scrub (as long as the surface is clean and does not peel). You do not even need to apply a primer; the colors have excellent adhesion and coverage. Apply them directly on a well-cleaned and dry surface.

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