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This scented candle smells delicious like jasmin vanilla and creates coziness all around. The candle has a pearly finish, perfect for the winter season. 


The ideal gift for candle lovers with a good taste!


Comes in a luxurious box!



You Look So Good - Jasmine vanilla Glass Candle 290gr

    • Made in the Netherlands
    • Beautitifylly & sustainable packaged
    • The Gift Label makes easy-to-love gifts that care ofr the body and home. The gift could be to your loved ones - friends or family, corporate gifts to colleauges and business associates and why not yourself! 
    • All their products (candles, soaps, cosmetics and fragrances are made from high-quality ingredients that do not harm
    • Vegan, sulphate free, paraben-free & dye-free
    • Bottles are made of recycled plastic & tubes from bio-based sugarcane plastic
    • Everything is made locally in the Netherlands
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