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27 x 17 cm


WOODWILL ornaments look and function just like any other wooden carvings, but when they are warmed up (you can use of a hairdryer or a hot air blower), they become flexible and bendable and keep the chosen form when cooled down. 

They can be easily fitted to any uneven or curved surfaces by the use of a good quality glue (wood or  multi-surface glue) and they are reheatable any number of times. 

WOODWILL products also can be cut in parts to use only certain elements of a chosen design.

Once glued to the surface of your choice, you can paint it, gild it or use the techinque of your choice to blend it in your piece or make it pop-out. 

You can create very antique or very modern or romantic projects using these amazing products.

Wood Carved Flexible Corner VP

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