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Wisteria Mist is inspired by a plant that is gorgeous yet poisonous; This whimsical shade proves that danger, beauty, and mystery can coexist! 

Wisteria Mist, 16oz (473ml)

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  • Brand:

    Dixie Belle USA


    16oz (473ml)


    Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint collection is a natural earthborn clay paint that can be used to add colorful layers, textures, and visual interest or depths to your furniture.

    These paints made from natural and safe materials and has low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which makes it an eco-friendly paint. It is water-based and can reconstitute with water, which gives you more time to create and play with your masterpiece.

    Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint is a quick-drying artisan paint that dries to a matte finish. It can be applied using any brush you like. However, for best results, it is highly recommended to use natural fiber brushes. You can also use your fingers or your spatula to build layers.

    Each Terra Clay Paint comes in 16oz (473ml) size and are packed in a beautiful container.

    How to Apply:

    • Prepare your piece by applying Terra Clean, which is a product that will help you get rid of dirt, debris, and oils.
    • Apply using any brush, but again, for best result, use a brush with natural fiber bristles.
    • Allow your first coat to dry for about 2 to 24 hours, which will depend on the thickness
    • Apply the second coat and create any texture you like. Take note that the color of the paint will lighten as it dries.
    • Apply Terra Wax using La Petite or Best Dang Brush to bring back its vibrant color.
    • Apply Terra Seal Matte to lock in your artwork and protect it.
    • Come back in 1 hour to buff your artwork to give it a gorgeous sheen.
    • If you want to add gorgeous accent to your artwork, you may use any Gilding Wax.
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