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  • You can use all of our stains on painted or unpainted surfaces.
  • Both stains can be applied with a “lint free” cloth or you can use a paint brush or paint sponge.
  • Start out with a small amount and then apply more depending on the shade you are looking for. Remember that less is more. We suggest testing it on a non-conspicuous spot first.
  • Remember that VooDoo Gel Stain is water based and will dry fast

Voodoo Gel Stain (Water-Based) DB

  • Brand:

    Dixie Belle USA

    Other info:

    VooDoo Gel Stain spreads easily and blends effortlessly. 

    These High-Quality Water-based Stains are rich in pigment, low odor, Eco-Friendly, water cleanup, and noncombustible.

    Use on unfinished wood, painted and unpainted pieces.

    Available in seven colors, in 8 oz. (237ml) containers, this gel stain can be mixed with paint, wax, or used alone.

    • Stain can be applied with a lint-free cloth, paint brush or applicator pad.
    • Apply stain and wipe off excess.
    • Start with a small amount and apply more to reach your desired shade.
    • Provides light to medium coverage.
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