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Stain Blocker prevents bleeding in your new paint layer and creates a sealing layer.

Many type of wood variants have a strong colored tannic acid that rises when paint is applied, such as mahogany or cherry wood.



This white Stain Blocker prevents stains and discolouration of your end work.

As most wood contains tannins, discolourations can occur when the paint is applied without protection, on top of old layers of paint.

Oak, redwood, cedar and mahogany (but not mecessarily limited to these) can cause stain problems, expecially with light colours of paint applying directly to them.

This Stain Blocker creates a protective barrier that prevents tannins and stains from bleeding through the paint.

It also acts like a primer, allowing a better adhesion of the paint. 



- Apply a thin coat

- Altought it will dry to the touch in one hourm only reapply after 3 hours.

- Reapply a second layer

- Wait as above to dry before proceeding with painting

Stain Blocker

PriceFrom €14,90
  • Brand:

    Vintage Paint


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