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A superb all-in-one product!

It can be used to prime your furniture before the application of paint, but also to seal.

You can also use the Primer & Sealer to apply decoupage on furniture!

Use it as glue to apply your paper on the furniture and then you can use it to seal the surface. 

*For heavy traffic surfaces, use the Ultra Matt Varnish instead. 


To use as a PRIMER: 

Apply two thin coats without diluting. It dries in 30 minutes. Re-apply after 1-2 hours. 


To use as a SEALANT:

Dilute with 20% water for the first application, and 10% for the second. Apply two thin coats. 

Reapply in 3 hours.


200ml coverage: 3-4,5 sq.m. depending on the porosity of the surface. 

Primer & Sealer

PriceFrom €14,90
  • Brand:

    Vintage Paint


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