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Fine stencil roll on handle to make you own patterns.

Can be washed and reused.

Decorate walls, furniture, fabric, wrapping paper.... These easy to use pattern rollers give you a continuous design that can cover any surface, no matter its size or material. 



1. Apply your colour of choice on a flat, non-porous surface

2. Attach the foam roller on the handle and roll it in the paint back and forth until it is completely covered

3. Attach the rubber roller with the pattern and roll it with your hand a couple of rounds until the pattern is covered in paint. 

4. Place the pattern roller on the surface you want the design on and roll down carefully ad=nd steady. Do not put a lot of pressure but just enough so that the design is printed on your surface as you roll.  When the design starts to fade, re-apply paint on the foam roller with a brush. 



To make a continuous design on larger surfaces, mark left and right with a permanent marker on the side of the rubber roller so that you know your starting point. On every strip that you make always start at the same point of the roller. 


The roller is 15cm long. 

Pattern roller - Wood Texture

SKU: 702008
  • Brand:

    Vintage Paint


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