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29.21 x 41.28 cm


A new way to decorate your furniture and décor pieces!

Made to be a decorative specialty sheet, these beautiful sheets feature a machine made fibrous texture for a delicate and unique look. The thicker - than standardtissue papers on the market- width allows for easier usage, placement and durability, while being tear resistant (unlike thinner tissue materials). This allows for a brighter and more vibrant look and finish.

Great for furniture and collage décor.




Use one of our gels. 

For durability, seal after being applied.

Moonlight Garden A3 Rice Paper RP

SKU: 655350651282
  • Brand: ReDesign with Prima

  • Each beautiful sheet is a delicate, thin paper made from mulberry paper fibers, a renewable resource. Known for its beautiful ability to blend into any surface, Redesign Rice Paper is perfect for collaging, and layering, to seamlessly blend onto your furniture, walls, and home decor pieces. Use to create one-of-a-kind, blended, and detailed pieces, with little or no thickness and texture. Re·Design Rice Paper features a delicate, thin composition, making it easier to cut and alter for even the smallest projects.

    Compatible With:
    Decoupage Gel, Soft Gloss or Matte Gel, Polyacrylic, Mod Podge, Gesso, spray adhesive

    Use on:
    Furniture, wood, canvas, clay, tile, glass, and so many other surfaces.

    Lighter-Weight Paper, Rice Paper, Translucent, Not Reversible, Almost smooth, lightly-textured paper, Perfect for small projects, Affordable, Can be layered, Can be painted over

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