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Size: 60.96 x 88.90 cm (cut in 3 sheets)


Simple Damask, complex results! A beautiful and detailed pattern that will add a touch of gilded complexity to any project.

Instant beauty on virtually any surface you can imagine.

These transfer is so easy to use: simply peel off the protective backing, apply transfer to prepared surface, rub on the design with included stick (or, even better, use our Transfer Tool), peel off the top sheet (check to make sure the whole design transferred), and burnish to remove any existing halos.



The possibilities are endless since every transfer can be cut into pieces to:

- create your own unique design

- fit your project

- to create multiple projects

- use different pieces on various parts of the same project 

- combine pieces from various transfers 

- combine on a project with stamps/ stencils

Large Transfers, Kacha Gold Damask RP

SKU: 655350659196
  • Brand:

    ReDesing with Prima

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