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Size: 21.59 x 27.94 cm (cut in 2 sheets)


Let’s make a splash!

H2O Transfers are easy to use, water-activated designs that can be used on almost any surface! These beauties can be used on wood, canvas, clay, glass, porcelain, paper, concrete, plastic, and so many more surfaces.

Economically friendly, FAST results, no hand fatigue, built-in design guide…these are just a few of the many reasons why you NEED an H2O Transfer!


A must-have design, “Just Labels” includes two full sheets of over 20 stunning labels in a variety of trendy colors and classic designs! Just think of the possibilities that could be elevated with a simple, fast label: jars, trays, coasters, flower pots, tin buckets, and more!


Four easy steps to use these products: 

1. Peel off film and lay your H2O Transfer® on the prepared surface.

(Try on wood, canvas, clay, glass, porcelain, paper, concrete, plastic, and so many more surfaces! Always test first)

2. Add water over grey design on the paper backing, burnish to remove air bubbles, and let sit for up to three minutes. 

3. Peel off paper backing to reveal the beautiful design. 

4. Seal the H2O Transfer® if used on wood or other highly-used surfaces with Wise Owl Wax or Sealer (or another sealer of your choice). We always recommend testing first.

H2O Transfers, Just Labels RP

SKU: 655350663841
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    ReDesing with Prima

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