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Marble Surface

What does a "Gouri" represent?

A GOURI, aka a charm, symbolizes luck, strength and protection! 
They usually consist of elements such as a pomegranate, a house and many more, made of various materials. 
Lucky charms are the traditional gift for every new beginning , like a new year, and a very old Greek tradition that passes from generation to generation!
It is a symbolization that warms the heart in the ultimate season of love and giving.
Most of our gift boxes in this catalogue include a "gouri", simply because they are so special & beautiful.
Each is either made of porcelain in Greece or it is imported, entirely handmade and a fair trade product.
We love a "gouri" for the new year and to our experience it is very much appreciated as a gift due to its symbolization to bring good luck, health and good fortune in the new year!

Perfect for a Secret Santa gift!

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